Water Treatment Service

From design diagnosis, planning and construction, operations, consumables procurement and waste disposal, the comprehensive water treatment services offered by our service team ensures that customers can achieve sustainable development in “environment,” “resources” and “business operations.”



Reclaimed Water Technology

Between 2010 and June 2015, from development to the project’s completion, the entire project of independently integrated full recycling of process waster was realized at the AUO Longtan Plant at the end of 2015 through the concerted efforts of the employees and contractors of AUO Envirotech.
In addition to fulfilling social corporate responsibility, the completion of the project has enhanced the facility technology. By optimizing and revolutionizing facility technology with water reclamation over 90%, we started with the diversion design to provide an economical and feasible full water reclamation system. Through repeated reclamation, process water is concentrated and reduced over 95%. With the high-efficiency evaporator, zero discharge was achieved. The overall technology enables manufacturing industries to own the most advanced water resources recycling solution.



Optimized Energy Consumption

  • Facility system planning and improvement:
    Operations diagnosis, consultation for energy efficiency improvement, and facility design and improvement.
  • Compressor and vacuum equipment replacement:
    Equipment analysis and planning, applications for energy conservation subsidization, and equipment and installation.
  • Developing additional equipment monitoring function:
    Real-time operation data transmission, support for mobile devices, operations optimization, and maintenance reminders.



Intelligent Facility Platform

Functions with cloud database

  • Real-time capture of equipment operations KPI to facilitate operations management.
  • Remote management of machine operations status from mobile devices.
  • Management of PM maintenance records.
  • Failure record enquiries and recommended solutions.
  • Enhancing energy efficiency through partial system operations and incorporation of multiple machines.



Construction & Operation Integration

  • Signing long-term contracts with professional engineering service providers to ensure construction quality.
  • Saving management and contracting costs for owners and enabling the attainment of progress more easily.
  • Competitive investment costs.