Monitoring Platform

By integrating instrumentation information, we plan complete equipment and monitoring services based on user needs. Together with the cloud database services, we provide real-time readings and alerts to mobile devices, periodic reports for analyzing energy consumption within specific periods through statistical techniques, daily/weekly/monthly statistical data charts to facilitate the comparison of daily/monthly energy consumption and make early troubleshooting possible.




By improving the energy consumption, secondary pollution and high-volume sludge problems of advanced oxidation in the past, the catalyst advanced oxidation process achieves energy conservation, zero hazard and zero sludge.

The catalyst plays the key role in this process. Through the core technology for catalyst development, we are capable of generating a wide variety and high volume of active free radicals. In addition, through the reactor design, their life cycle is extended. Compared to traditional advanced oxidation technology, it is more economically efficient in terms of hazard-free pollutants.



GPARS Green Product Platform

“GPARS Green Product Platform” is a smart cloud platform built for provide the service to upstream and downstream manufacturers with green product management needs in the industrial supply chain. It provides professional technical knowledge and consulting services related to green products to help enterprises plan the most appropriate green product management policy to face complex green product management issues to meet international environmental regulations and enhance the competitiveness of products.

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