Filtration Products

We sell a wide variety of filter products, including PP melt-down, PP pleated PES and PTFE filters. Their applications include pure water system, reclaimed water system, PCW system, process washing and chemical washing processes. These are high-level filters for chemical engineering and electronics processes mainly important from Japan, the USA and China. Currently, our major filter buyers are from the semiconductor, optoelectrical panel, LED, chemical engineering and PCB industries.




We distribute Atlas VFD screw vacuum pumps with the following features:

  • Simple design:
    • Durable parts, long replacement cycle, easy maintenance.
    • Low space occupation (built-in in/out filter, cabinet and control computer).
    • Saving installation costs, plug and use.
  • Outstanding performance:
    • Smart air valve with precision pressure control ensures process stability.
    • Rotors with a life significantly longer than that of other vacuum pumps.
    • VFD technology + Pressure adjustment + Patented Rotor = Saving energy over 30-50%.